Our Zea Brands

At Zea, we are committed to improving the health and wellbeing of our customers, and the planet. That’s what really makes a difference, and that’s what excites us every day.

We are proud to bring our trusted brands to thousands of homes in Australia, and across the world. Each brand embraces the same overarching qualities, core values, promises and ethos, while also having their own unique qualities. Get to know each one below.

Zea Relief is the first range of natural remedies in the world to contain the unique therapeutic benefits of Kunzea Oil - Tasmania’s Best-Kept, Natural Secret! Kunzea Oil is the key active ingredient in our signature range of Zea Relief personal care products, designed to relieve, protect, heal and soothe.

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Zea Essentials is a range of aromatherapy products and botanicals rooted in the enduring wisdom of nature. Our collection of single origin essential oils, lifestyle blends, chakra blends and aromatherapy accessories are therapeutic quality, organically grown, sustainably sourced and affordably priced to support your physical and emotional wellbeing, naturally.

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Zea Gourmet celebrates the nutritious and wholesome flavours of Australia’s homegrown native ingredients, bringing an authentic taste of Australia to homes across the world. Our range of Native Honeys, Bushfoods and Condiments are brimming with locally grown, sustainably sourced and wild harvested ingredients. The result is a line of naturally nourishing gourmet products that are safe, healthy and delicious for the whole family.

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Our Zea Active range is for those within our Zea community living an active lifestyle. Our Zea Active products are focused on sports recovery and muscle pain relief for pre & post-workout muscle and body recovery.

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